Demystifying The Home Inspection

RE:THINK: Demystifying the Home Inspection 

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Recently, Shannon and Tom Dabb, of Immaculate Home Inspections, held a special event where the topic was home inspections.  This step in the buying or selling process can certainly trip things up.  Tom has performed over 3,500 inspections and has a background in structural engineering.  Shannon relies on Tom not only with her own investment properties but also for clients that are thinking of buying or selling.

A buyer’s home inspection can take 2.5 and 3 hours to complete since the inspector goes through everything – electrical, plumbing, roof, foundation, and how things operate within the home.

A pre-listing home inspection can take 1 - 1.5 hours.  Completing a pre-listing inspection can be advantageous to a seller but you really want to speak to your trusted real estate agent about it. There are a few pros and a few cons to having this type of inspection you should be aware of.

Some of the items discussed by Tom included:

  • The importance of sellers keeping records of everything you fixed, especially receipts from licensed professionals.
  • Underground oil tanks and Knob & Tube wiring – a RED flag
  • Sewer line inspections
  • PVC drainage pipes
  • Cedar shingle roofs
  • Asbestos on steam pipes and certain tiling
  • Radon gas testing
  • Importance of keeping receipts and records

Shannon suggests if you are even thinking of buying or selling, it is the PERFECT time to give her a call so you can have a knowledgeable realtor be involved in the process from the very beginning. 

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